Why Northern Nigeria Has Fewer Entrepreneurs - 3

Even though a generally increasing sense of liberalism is sweeping young people across the world, it is yet to take roots in Northern Nigeria. Young people in the North are likely to be more of themselves when away from home: they interact, dress and talk at their personal will, but are still reluctant to do this where they feel it might invite rebuke or criticism, such as at home or in their religious societies. A second factor is that of rewarding meritocracy. In situations where young people that have been bred to believe in the power of money and connections without ever appreciating of hard work and delayed gratification, young people that start businesses rely more on family influence and connections to get ahead, rather than on their ability to do a good job, and almost never on their passions. It is all about the money. Hence, they are more likely to be in businesses that require the securing of government contracts, thereby involving themselves in the circle of corruption and waste that is prevalent in this field.

The reason why I have written this treatise is because I have struggled to understand the laidbackness of young Northerners (meaning Northern-bred, not by blood) to the issues in our society; why we rarely or never see them taking on social causes or even starting businesses whose success is not tied down to government. This is just but one reason. Others might include separation of classes, leading to the masses believing that power and wealth is to whom God gives it to, and the elites holding unto the power for generations, without using it for any social gains. One of the greatest maxims I have believed in life is: Talent is Everywhere. Opportunity is Not. Northern Nigeria is no exception to that rule. We need to explore ways in which the individualism of young men and women is discovered and they are able to add value to the society by doing what they love doing, also leaving them fulfilled. Admittedly, I do not have all the answers. This is something that should be done more at the family level, by creating the right kind of environment for these kids. However, I believe putting this out here will motivate my readers to be able to take action in their own little way.