Dr. Maya Angelou

Like so many, I awoke this morning to the news of Dr. Maya Angelou's passing and like many, I'm sure, I have shed my fair share of tears over the course of the morning hours. Those who know me personally, know that her words have served as one of my greatest sources of comfort and inspiration through the past several years. Several years ago during my graduate studies, I was blessed with an opportunity to attend a campus speech given by Dr. Angelou and her words remained with me long after the speech itself concluded. Her voice has always reminded me of a treasured family quilt; a bit frayed and rough around the edges but quick to envelope you in its soothing warmth and abundance of love, and this particular speech was no exception. She spoke of her life and how she endured those dark periods by turning to those writers that became her "rainbow in the clouds" and then made the decision to share her own story with hopes of helping others in similar situations...

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