Guilty people Get so Angry

In the last few days I have experienced some really fascinating circumstances with individuals. Case in point my salvage companion accepted a requisition and something simply didn't sit right with her. She sent it to me and said "what do you think in regards to this" I read over the requisition and you could practically advise the individual was attempting to "conceal" something. I had two more people get all nasty with me when one I called them out on needing to take responsibility for their actions and another person for asking them "are you sure that is what happened" The person screamed at me are you calling me a liar?! I said No, I am just making sure you told me everything, wow! Why get angry if you didn't do anything wrong? Act shocked it is less obvious don't just start yelling at me about how it isn't your fault or that you are telling the truth. In both cases not angry, not mad just asking a question or telling the person something so they understand the results of their actions... calm down guilty conscience. 

Just amazes me that people can't own up to their mistakes. We all make them and you are never going to grow as a person if you don't learn from them. If you are consistently blaming other people for the outcomes for your actions or jumping up and down saying it isn't your fault then no one wins and everyone looses. Now that is just stupid. I am not saying I am perfect, I have done many stupid things in my day and I think about them a lot. If I would have not stayed at work last year but gone to the vet and stayed with my dog would he be dead right now? If I would have realized that my Aussie didn't have kennel cough but something worse and I wasn't busy at work would he be dead right now? If I would have not adopted the dog to those people who I had a funny feeling about and then returned him would he be in a loving home right now? Should I have gone with my gut? I mean you can go on and on... What you need to do is learn from your mistakes and not make the same mistake next time.

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